Friday Nights

Mason Hodge


Friday Nights…

                         Relaxation or Action?

Some people like to do things/go places on Fridays, like go to a Trampoline park were it is loud, crowded, and action packed.  Other people just like to stay home where its quiet, comfortable, and relaxing. At the Trampoline park you will always see people running around, playing dodgeball, doing the ninja warrior course, jumping in the foam pit, and eating pizza. When your in the comfort of your own home you will be in pajamas, maybe playing video games/watching movies or youtube. 

I interviewed two people named Preston Williams and Ethan Brake. Preston said that he does not prefer to go out on Fridays, Ethan on the other hand, does not really favor either one. Preston said when he does stay home on Fridays he would play video games or hang outside. I also asked him if he would go somewhere, where would he go and he said Altitude. (Trampoline Park) Ethan said pretty much that he would do the same thing that Preston would if he stayed home/ went somewhere on Fridays. Fridays can either be relaxing at home or action packed at the local trampoline park.