Idle Breakout


How to put the Brakes on Idle Breakout

How you can stop yourself from breaking out idle breakout in class.



Unless you’ve been living under a rock, idle breakout is a game featured on cool math games that most people are playing.  But, as you probably know, cool math is only allowed in certain circumstances in school, so to stop yourself from getting into an idle breakout style problem, follow some simple steps by a former addict to the game. ”I have to admit, it’s addicting, but doing this will really help.” said the anonymous former addict.


Step 1:full reset

Simply go to the game in your off-time and, instead of playing, initiate a full reset.  This helps break ties to the game so that you don’t go back and keep leveling, cause you’re back to square 1 and it will be hard to build back up to what you were at. ”It may be hard, but this helps with your initial urge to not gain more progress over time, because you have none.” 

 said anonymous.  Make sure to hit full reset and not prestige, for then you have gold to spend and this will give the game a lifeline to hold onto.


Step 2:shut down the road

The full reset will be for nothing if you do not shut down any bookmarks or shortcuts you might have set up leading to the game.  This gives the game a lifeline that it will hold on to with an iron death grip, and may tempt you to go back and keep leveling to come back to where you were at.  ”pretend that you are deleting a math quiz shortcut, or something you do not like.” said the former addict.


Step 3:cue the visual cue

Give yourself a decent visual cue to remind yourself not to simply type in “cool math games:idle breakout” and playing the game. Maybe make a google doc or slide named “no idle breakout”, and make a google shortcut for it so you always see it first thing.  This is definitely not mandatory, but it helps a lot.


Step 4:fuggetaboutit

Try your hardest to not think or talk about the game, as you may think of wanting to play, which would undo all the progress you have made so far.  Get away from people talking about it, or at the very least convince them to change the topic or block them out(mentally).

Follow these steps faithfully and you can at least remember not to play idle breakout during class or learning time.  Anonymous also commented, ”What you could also do is, during your spare time, write a story/comic or read a book, anything to distract yourself from games that help you focus on fun things.”  Readers, always remember two things, the first being don’t play cool math during class. But more importantly, It’s Always a New Day at MJ.