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Max Broyles

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             So many games are coming out in 2019 like, Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening Remake, Pokemon Sword & Shield, Yoshi’s Crafted World, Super Mario Maker 2, and so many more! And in this article I’ll be elaborating about each one so you don’t have to look it up!


Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening Remake

In this remake of an old nintendo favorite you play as the hero of time and dawn the green clothing once more! In Link’s awakening you can run around, buy items from stores, or even steal if your feeling dangerous, and see a new colorful world of one we once knew. Wander around this wonderful dream world as you set off to find the wind fish! You’ll even run into familiar enemies like- chain chomps? But that’s from Super Mario, well you still have to fight them! Enjoy all this and more in Legend Of Zelda Link’s Awakening Remake for the Nintendo Switch.


Super Mario Maker 2

In this game you play as Bing Bing Wahoo the Paesano Italiano again in the sequel to Super Mario Maker! Now you can explore fan made levels with the world of Super Mario 3D world filter, you can drive a car, turn into a cat and even play as different characters! There is so much more stuff to do! There’s even a story mode! Experience this and even more in Super Mario Maker 2!


Pokemon Sword and Shield

Generation 8 of Pokemon is Sword and Shield,

In this game explore the Galar region and see new types of Pokemon, or maybe see the more familiar ones but- wait they look a little different… oh that’s their Regional Varient! So far we’ve only seen Weezing, Zigzagoon, Linoone, and their Regional Varient evolution Obastagoon, as well as Far’fetched’s Regional Varient evolution Sir’fetched! This video game comes out on November 15, 2019, explore what this game has to offer and more in Pokemon Sword & Shield!


Yoshi’s Crafted World

In this game you play as…. Weird arts and crafts Super Mario characters… well whatever it looks like Kamek and Bowser JR. blasted the Yoshi’s beloved gems off somewhere! And it’s up to you to be the hero and get them back! Explore this and more in Yoshi’s Crafted world!


Well there you have it, 4 great games that have come out in 2019

I hope people get around to playing these games because they are all a work of art. Enjoy all these games and more in 2019!