Best Buddies Holds First Dance In Years!


Ann Kimbrel doing the limbo at the Best Buddies Luau.


Ann Kimbrel doing the limbo at the Best Buddies Luau.

     Addison Deem carefully strummed the strings of her ukelele; the students paired up with their buddies danced under the lights of the cafeteria, laughter echoed through the open space and Ms. Myers watched the groups proudly, this was the first best buddies dance held at the school in years!


     On Friday, September 27,  Ms. Myers, the exceptional education teacher who works with kids who have developmental disabilities and helps run the best buddies program of the school, held the first best buddies dance, which was based off our school’s recent Luau dance, in a couple of years, “This wasn’t the first (best buddies) dance this school has held, but it’s been awhile.” She said.  

The best buddies program is a club, or program, that pairs kids with developmental disabilities with neurotypical kids to provide students  with developmental disabilities with more opportunities in friendship and learning.


So, what happened at this dance? 

For music,  Addison Deem performed a song on her ukelele for the students while everyone danced, sounds typical, right?

What made this dance so different from Luau dance the school held, Ms. Myers explains, “This dance was different because this was meant specifically for the best buddies program, but in general, the dance was the same.”  

Will there be any other dances the best buddies program holds? When asked Ms. Myers stated, “Maybe, but (if not) we hold events every month for the students.” 


     Now, how do you enter the best buddies program yourself? Well, it’s simple really: anyone can join the program yearly or practically whenever.

 “Whoever wants to join should contact me (Ms. Myers) at school or online, or go to for more information.” 

While as we aren’t sure if another event like this one will appear sometime soon, the best buddies program is a delightful opportunity that helps many students and provides you with a valuable experience that I believe everyone should be in at least once in their life.