Jack Haynie & Paul Ogletree



It’s time to buy yearbooks to recall memories of the year. If you want to know the price it’s $37 but only until October 21st, then it’s $40 until April 18, and the final price  will be $45 on distribution day which is in May. So if you don’t want to eventually pay $45 you should hurry up and buy yourself a yearbook.  You purchase your yearbook through 


 To ask an opinion on it we interviewed straight A, costume maker, Charlie Harrington the following question .  We asked if he was actually going to buy a yearbook, he said,” I am going to buy one”. 


We interviewed two people from the yearbook staff. When presented with the question, “are you impressed with the progress so far” they said that yes they were impressed. We also asked about the theme and their reply,”  you have to find out when you get the yearbook”. When asked the sections they said “sports, classes, and clubs”. So if you want to see yourself, friends, and find out the theme purchase a yearbook!!