Abigail Williams

Flavors of the Season: Autumn Treats



It’s Autumn. A time for jumping into piles of leaves. A time for pumpkin spice lattes. A time for delicious, Autumn foods. But the problem is– what should you make? There are many delicious Autumn treats, ranging from classics like pumpkin pie to odd foods such as pumpkin bread!


Though there are many different types of bread, pumpkin bread might sound the strangest and most unappetizing. Normal, uncooked pumpkin tastes bland to most people. But just throw in some sugar, spice, and boom! You’ve got some delicious, cinnamony pumpkin bread.


Another Autumn favorite is Apple Cider. Not only is it delicious, but it fights harmful bacteria that could get you sick during the colder seasons, and improves your heart’s health. Just try not to drink too much or it could harm your teeth. So, an Apple Cider every other day keeps the doctor away!


One last delicious Autumn food is the infamous Pumpkin Pie. It’s orange. Like a pumpkin. It’s rich. Like a pumpkin. It can usually be found at Halloween parties. Like a pumpkin. It’s like the better, sweeter version of a pumpkin! It’s filled with Autumn spices and has the texture of a rich pudding.


So, in short: Some delicious Autumn treats include pumpkin bread, apple cider, and pumpkin pie. They all have the flavor of the season and are great things to enjoy during Autumn.