Video Game Review

Ben Zaremba

Pawesome Review:Overwatch 

Overwatch is A 6v6 team fighting game made by Blizzard Entertainment released on May 24, 2016. I give this game a 5 out of 5 and the reason is quite simple, it is a team based 1st person shooter you get to pick between 3 different roles healer, tank, or dps (damage per second) with 31 different heroes and more on the way. 


Getting into the basics:

Every character has at least two abilities that do something special varying from teleporting to going invisible that is what makes this game special no hero is alike but the most important thing is their ultimate ability. These abilities are game changing and can easily turn the tide of the game. This ability grows over time and is worth trying to get. When you hop into your first game you will either have to defend a payload, escort a payload, or attack a defense point. Using your abilities and weapon complete the objective to win. 



Like many games this game has loot boxes. Everytime you level up you get a loot box which you can open for skins, sprays, highlight intros, or emotes. You level up by playing games and it gives you xp based on how you played. Now you may be wondering what’s a highlight intro? Well it is quite simple, at the end of every game there is something called a play of the game where it highlights one players best play of the game usually using ultimates is why you would get it. 




All in all Overwatch is a very fun and entertaining game based off skill and right now they are running a Halloween event where you can obtain rare loot from loot boxes. If you see this game I strongly believe you should try it out.