The Moon

Luke Wiggins

Moon Colonization. How Close Are We?


The moon, an extraordinary planet that orbits Earth. It has captivated the human race for decades. Sure it has both freezing cold and burning hot temperatures, radiation, micrometers, and zero atmosphere, but could it indeed be a place to call home? Well in the future that may be a possibility.

The main thing that is holding us back from the moon is the very expensive cost of space travel. It may seem to the public that there are just way too many problems to actually set up a year round colony on the moon. For instance, how would the astronauts get food and water, how would they get power, and how would people be protected from radiation. These are a few of the problems astronauts would experience. We already have most of the technology we would need to go to the moon, the only problem would be getting it up there.

The first problem would be where would the astronauts live, well a rocket could carry an inflatable habitats for astronauts to live in. For the food problem there is an easy solution, hydroponics (this is a method of growing food inside), with advances in hydroponics people can grow food inside with almost as much efficiency as on Earth (this would also consequently produce oxygen as well). As for water, we could use a ECLSS (Environmental Control and Life Support System) system where we could reuse almost all water and very little water would be lost, (they use this on the International Space Station) even then we could set up at a lunar pole where there are pockets of ice.

If we set up the base on a lunar pole that would also make the base be in perpetual daylight, perfect for generating power with solar panels. This would also stop the space suits from having to withstand the cold as much as it normally would have to. There would be no way to stop the radiation from harming the astronauts if they were outside of their habitat. However, you could add layers of moon “dirt” on top of the habitats, and scientist could add radiation shielding on the habitats to significantly lower radiation levels.

One of the biggest problems we may have though is not even on the moon! One of the biggest problems would be politicians and being able to get the funds to bring the things to the moon. If we really tried to get a moon colony up and running it would only take us 10 to 15 years to set up. Of course at first people would only stay up there for a short amount of time, like the International Space Station. Eventually though we would have a year round moon colony which could also act as a kind of “gas station” or checkpoint for rockets, it is much easier to escape the moon’s gravity than Earth’s. We could mine the moon for resources and then literally shoot them back to Earth in a cannon. If we could just get the funding to set up a moon base then it would greatly help mankind.