Jack Haynie

One Two Three Four I Declare A Pencil War


In a school, one obviously needs a pencil to write what they need to write. Then there is a debate “which one is better mechanical or regular ”.  Well today I’m going to use fact and opinion to solve the question of which one is better. In my personal opinion, I prefer regular because of the amount of lead in these  pencils and the grip they have. But on the other hand, I could see why one would prefer mechanical, because of a nicer design, the ability to click and instantly have more lead, and their more comfy to hold grip.  And to see the opinions of other students on their pencil preferences, I did a poll around the school. I got a total of 31 votes for mechanical and 14 votes for regular. So overall, mechanical won the popular vote.  Also, from a statistical standpoint mechanical is better for how long they last, they’re always sharp, and they don’t require sharpening.


Personally I’m surprised by the outcome due to my personal opinion of regular pencils. It seems by the poll mechanical would  win anywhere, because for my poll they got 31 out of 45 votes as compared to regular which only got 14 out 45. Yet I can see why they would win because of all of the benefits I listed above.