Quirky Questions

Jackson Powers

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Quirky Questions: How Will They React?


Interviewer: Jackson Powers

Interviewee: Dylan Woodcock


These questions are very fake with an intent to confuse whoever is being interviewed, and walk out of the room thinking “what just happened?”


In order to confuse someone I will need a fake setup for an interview pencils vs mechanical pencils, which is an existing article on this website, check it out if you have not already.


Questions                                                             Answers

Do you think that mechanical pencils are better, why? Pretty good and actually I’ve actually seen someone make that fun little like volcano kind of  thing seeing where it shoots out the lead and I think these are pretty cool. The only downside about them is that when you run out of lead your left with a hollow pencil 
Do you think chewing lead causes defects in the human mind? I think that this is horrifying 
Most mechanical pencils have a plastic cylinder cover protecting the lead, when this is done being used sea animals will die because of this, what is your viewpoint on this matter People need to learn what a recycling bin is
Do you even like turtles? I do like them actually they’re a very nice animal and actually my grandparents have a neighbor who owns a pet turtle 
On the topic of animals, how much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? As much as it wants
You know some people compare you to a trash can, what would you like to say to those  people? I didn’t know you existed 
Do you think people who eat pineapple/watermelon on pizza are bad people? no
What are hot dogs made of? Meat
Bread crumbs and beaver spit I understand what you mean by this it’s probably gross though 
Is spaghetti a good wig replacement? asking for a friend. Not really, not necessarily, I thought we were talking about normal pencils and mechanical pencils not spaghetti wigs