Brynlie Smith




The date of Halloween is a very controversial topic. What should be changed about the day, and why?

No School the day of

Many people believe that there should be no school the day of, so people have time for the holiday preparations. This is debatable, however, because it is a lot of work to make up, and isn’t a super important holiday.

No School the day After

Another suggestion is that we should not have school the day after. If people stay up late trick-or-treating, they may be tired the next day. Also, they may not be able to go trick-or-treating for very long if they need to go to bed. This year, what makes it even worse, is that Halloween is on a Thursday, which means that many people may have quizzes the next day, and may be too tired to do well.

Halloween on A Saturday

Finally, another suggestion, is that Halloween should be on a Saturday. If Halloween is on a Saturday, kids can stay up later, and also not have to be tired, or miss any school. This is also a plus for many parents who work in the week, and may have to stay up late answering the door for trick-or-treaters.

Overall, the date of Halloween is a debatable subject. Whether it means no school, or changing the date  completely, we will know eventually.