Sophia Mekhail

Dangerous Halloween Costumes  

Did you go trick or treating, October 31, or stay home and pass out candy? Did you hang out with friends or go to a party? Did you dress up as a villain or hero?

Halloween is the time of year when people dress up and hang out with friends or family. People often go all out or go last minute shopping. At any story you could find a Halloween costume that is called sink black suit, but what is it? This Halloween costume makes the person who wears it black, blue, green, or other arrangements of colors, but could this Halloween costume be dangerous?

As people go trick or treating and the sun goes down, friends are going home and some kids are eating all their candy, your parents could be driving/ you could be driving and have your headlights on and out of the blue this kid could run  up in front of the car, not paying attention, and all of a sudden you are in a car accident, because you couldn’t see the kid due to the black suit. The black suit makes the kid that is wearing it that color and hard to see when driving or walking down a sidewalk, It can potentially be dangerous.

When deciding on Halloween costumes think about all the safety hazards they could pose and just make sure it is a safe Halloween for everyone.