Student Spotlight

Student Spotlight

Zehra Jennings is being spotlighted by 7th grade ELA Teacher Rebecca Hayes.

Mrs. Hayes says that “She scored the highest in her class on STAR and consistently works hard in her 7th  grade ELA class and always has stellar behavior.”

Way to go Zehra!


Carter Hinckley is being spotlighted by Drama Teacher Julie Groover.

Mrs. Groover stated: ” He is Olaf in Frozen Jr. and is such a good student! He keeps his grades up and has great attendance too.  Carter is so funny and so talented!”

Way to go Carter!


Gabriela Matis is being spotlighted by 7th grade Social Studies Teacher Lauren Gribble.

Mrs. Gribble has the following to say about Gabriela. ” She is the ideal student.  Aside from being attentive and respectful, she also offers great input during class discussion.  I’m glad to have her this year.”

Keep up the great work Gabriela!


Isobel Weyland, Grant Adkins, and Jillian Bussell are being spotlighted by 7th grade Science Teacher Pam Lidyard.

Mrs. Lidyard stated: “They know what is expected of them and they conform to those expectations, both behaviorally and academically.”

Keep setting those great examples Isobel, Grant, and Jillian!


Olivia Clark is being spotlighted by 8th grade Social Studies Teacher Tyler Hallstedt.

Mr. Hallstedt stated:”Olivia is a very hard worker on the tennis court.  She shows tremendous enthusiasm and represents herself and her school well.  She is a great teammate, and her leadership and sense of humor help bring the team together.  We are fortunate to call her a bear.”

Way to go Olivia!


Cooper Davis is being spotlighted by 7th grade Science Teacher Tansy Trawick.

Mrs. Trawick had the following to say about Cooper. “He is a super hero! He always has a smile on his face, positive, helpful, trustworthy, generous, kind, and puts others first! He is a boy scout, Kindness Ninja, helps set up for labs and he also helped Mrs. Hackemann and I at the Block Party.  He is such a blessing to me!”

Way to go Cooper!



Sara Butler is being spotlighted by Art Teacher Caitlin Hammer.

Ms. Hammer stated: “Sara is the total package.  She is a great and dedicated student.  She is respectful, a hard worker, involved in Beta, Student Council, and Art Club.  All while being involved in multiple sports.  She juggles so many activities and responsibilities with grace and a great attitude!  She is also so helpful to her classmates and always kind to everyone.  I am so proud of Sara!”

Keep up the great work Sara!


Alena Throneberry is being spotlighted by 7th Grade Teacher Hannah Simms.

Mrs. Simms says “Alena is always willing to help anyone in need and always has a smile on her face.  Any time a student is struggling in math, she is the first one to get up and help them work through it.  She has this attitude about anything!  She LOVES helping people and I love having her in class!”

Way to be a great example Alena!