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Michael Barrett

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Jumping Into Jump Force


Jump Force is a new anime game that came out on February 19th, 2019 with your favorite Shonen Jump anime characters(unless you don’t like or watch anime). I rate this game a 4.0 out of 5.0 because it still has flaws and glitches, but let’s talk about the story first. 


The Story

The story begins with Goku, the main character of Dragon Ball, fighting the main villain of “Dragon Ball”, Frieza. A huge blast from the fight misses Goku and hits the main character of the game, your avatar, which you customize after that. Then, once you are brought back to safety, you can choose between three teams. Team Alpha, Beta, or Gamma. The leader of Team Alpha is Goku, the leader of Team Beta is Luffy, the main character of “One Piece”, and the leader of Team Gamma is Naruto, the main character of “Naruto.” That’s when you are given a tutorial and an explanation of the game. You are fighting an army called the venom’s who want to destroy the world. The leader of this army is Kane, who is an original character that was made in the making of Jump Force. 

As the game moves along, you save heroes from the venom army that have been brainwashed by these things called Umbra Cubes. The real story begins when you save Vegeta, another character from Dragon Ball, from this Umbra disease. Fast forward through many missions, then you finally fight Kane, the main baddie. After you beat him, he seems to surrender, but the story is not done yet, not even close. The rest is what you do.

Multiplayer and Flaws

Obviously, this is not a perfect game, and still has its flaws. Obviously, there are some characters that are better than others when it comes to multiplayer, but some of these differences are completely ridiculous. There are some characters that can basically guarantee your win, and others that can’t do as much. They do need to balance out the characters, but other than that and the weak story, the game is pretty good. And the add-ons for the game are a pretty good price. It’s $30 if you want all the DLC and $5 if you want an individual DLC pack.

Final words

Overall, this game is pretty good and very underrated by the anime community, and doesn’t get all the love it deserves.