What is Trending?


Sophi Snider

  Trending Our Future


    Imagine walking into a room and all you see is…… Scrunchies, everywhere! Girls talking, and making up words that will soon become viral.. You see an enormous amount of hydro flasks, and you see girls giving their scrunchies to people they like. You start to ask yourself what is happening? A person walks up to you and says, “Have you been living under a rock? It’s 2019, and you are in a school where girls and boys are wearing and saying the most hit or trending things,” says the person. “Since you aren’t really up to date let me catch you up!̈ says the person. 


   What are most trending in 2019? The most trending things so far are clothing and accessories items.  Shoes like Crocs, Vans, and Birkenstock are very popular to wear; mostly because of how comfortable, and stylish they are. Hoodies  that are colorful hoodies; as well as crop top hoodies, are popular. Shirt brands, such as, Simply Southern, Ivory Ella, Vans, and Vineyard Vine are also very popular. Accessories are everywhere. Hydro Flasks, Scrunchies, metal straws, Polaroids,  plastic save the turtle bracelets, shell necklaces, stickers, and flair pens to name a few. Also another big thing are a few new sayings such as “sksksksk” and “ I oop.” 


  Do you know what the most trending thing is? 


   The most trending things are scrunchies, and  Vsco Girl Scrunchies are one of the most in demand things in 2019. No longer just worn in hair but now worn as a stylish, colorful and go with everything bracelet. Most people (mostly girls) give their scrunchies to people they like. A Vsco Girl is a very sweet, caring, earth loving, scrunchie wearing person. They use sayings when they talk like “sksksksks” and “I oop.” Vsco Girls became popular because of the song ̈Fire on Fire;̈ the save the world Song. The song is mostly found on the app Tik Tok. It became popular  because it showed people who made better decisions to save the world. Picking trash up off the beach, not littering, because you think of the sea creatures that die from pollution, and trash that go into the ocean are a common message. Caring about our world, and treating it right are the reason Vsco Girls are trending. 

  This is what is trending so far in 2019 come back next time to see if there’s anything new on ̈Trending our future! ̈