Pawesome Review

Micky Mahan

Pawesome Review: Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


5 Out Of 5 Paws.

Super Smash Bros. is crossover party fighter that has stood the test of time. Each installment of the series has provided a variety of characters, fun stages, and game changing mechanics. The newest Smash game, Smash Ultimate, is no exception. The game boasts a huge 74 character roster, with more DLC characters coming in the future. 

New to Smash Ultimate is a feature called spirits. Spirits give you buffs to your strength that differ with each spirit chosen. They take the form of other video game icons, like Shovel Knight, Geno from Super Mario RPG, and many more. These spirits are the main gimmick of the story mode of Smash Ultimate, World of Light. As you progress through this world devoured by a powerful foe called Galeem, you will collect more spirits and characters to aid you in battle.

One of the greatest aspects of Smash Ultimate is the competitive play. Anybody with a Nintendo Online Membership can go online and play against people around the world, but if you do well enough in your battles, you can enter Elite Smash. Elite Smash allows you to fight other players with high skill levels to climb up the ranks. Most characters are balanced and allow you to play on an even field. New updates are consistently released to patch glitches and fix problems with game play. The game is as polished as they get.

As mentioned before, the game currently has a sum of 74 characters. Despite being a Nintendo game, many of the fighters aren’t from Nintendo games, like Joker from Persona 5, Banjo & Kazooie, and Sonic the Hedgehog. I believe this is the greatest crossover game of all time, and one of the greatest games on the Switch.