Brynlie Smith

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How To Control Anger


Recently, MJMS has been learning about anger. What is anger? How you can manage anger. In this article, you will learn what anger is, as well as anger controlling techniques.

What is anger?

Anger is the effect of built up emotions inside of a person. Anger can cause people to act out, and can cause even more trouble for them. Anger can become a real problem, and needs to be helped. There are a couple of ways anger can be managed.

How can you manage anger?

Because of anger issues, several strategies and ideas have been formed to help this issue. A strategy used to help is called ‘triangle breathing’. Whenever you feel angry, you draw a circle in the air. Up. Breathe in. Down. Hold breath. Side. Breathe out. If this doesn’t work for you, or you don’t like it, you can try a different strategy. Another strategy is working out. If you work out, you can put all of your anger into the workouts, and they might even make you tired. Lastly, another strategy is to imagine yourself elsewhere, or in your happy place. This can help you calm down, and not lose control of your anger.

“These strategies really help me, and I feel like I have improved a lot in staying calm.” Said a former student with anger issues.