Instagram or Snapchat?

Mason Hodge

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Would You Rather Use Instagram or Snapchat?

      Which Ones Better to Use?


Do you think Instagram or snapchat is better, which one would you rather use? There is a war on twitter and Reddit about people arguing about which site is better and which one people would rather use. There are a lot of differences between snapchat and Instagram that can make people like one over the other. Most people, when they are arguing about which one is better to use, they say this one is better with no reason behind it. When people do give a reason though, they say they like taking pictures on one app (snapchat) and posting and editing things on the other(Instagram). Since there are more reasons they are different here are some of those differences.

One major difference is the amount of time you can have people see your photo and who can see it. On snapchat, when you are posting something it gives you the option to have it on a private story, certain people can see it, and the amount of time you can have people see it. Since you only have a certain amount of time to see a post on snap you can screenshot or save pictures. Instagram, on the other hand,  you can really only just edit the post and not do things like snapchat can posting wise. You can still save and screenshot posts, but on Instagram it will always be there unless it gets deleted.

Another difference, is what the apps allow people to do. Snapchat is more of an image-based messaging app that emphasizes on chatting/messaging over snaps. This makes it easier to see things sometimes without having to explain something and take a picture, you can do everything over one single snap. Instagram on the other hand is just mainly a photo and video sharing app that you can message people on if you want to. 

Lastly the apps themselves can be confusing to use depending on how you see them. When using snapchat all you really do is slide right, left, up, and down to use and move around the app. Instagram on the other hand there are lots of buttons to press to get to places which can make it harder for you to go through and move around the app. It just depends on if you would rather slide through an app or use buttons to work an app. Those are some reasons why snapchat and Instagram are different.

In conclusion, Instagram and snapchat can be different in many  types of ways. The amount of time, the app being confusing, and what the apps are made for people to use. When you take those into consideration it really makes you think about which one is really better to use. But in the end, it is really just opinionated on what people think about the apps. I also read online that in 2018 Instagram overtook snapchat on the amount of time used. So would you rather use Instagram or snapchat?