Pawesome Review

Savannah Bradley


Just Dance

Just Dance is a rhythm video game series, that was developed and published by Ubisoft Entertainment on November 17, 2009. The series is a motion-based dance game for up to four players, and has a wide collection of songs, each one with it’s own unique dance choreography.

This game deserves a definite 5 paws. The controls are really simple, and it is easy to navigate. All you have to do is use a remote to select the song, then depending on the console you have, you dance with the remote in hand, or you can dance without holding anything at all. I would recommend you have plenty of space to move, though, some of these dances will have you moving around a lot

I also like the option of intensity. If you look at the picture below, you will see a white circle with a teardrop inside, this indicates how much you will sweat during that dance, or the intensity. I think this is a really helpful tool for knowing what kind of dance you are doing. The intensity rating, however, isn’t always accurate, depending on the type of dance. The dance in the picture below is almost entirely an arm workout, so it’s intensity would be lower on some categories, and higher on others, it all depends. 

I personally like when it rates your performance. After  

each dance you can earn anything from 0 to 5 stars, and those stars are put toward unlocking more dances. Of course after a while there is an end and then you can just brag about how many stars you have. 

With the many consoles that this game comes with, pretty much anyone can play it, and enjoy working out! A new version just aired for the Nintendo Switch. They also come for both the Wii and Wii U’s, the Play Station 4, and Xbox’s One and 360. 

You are guaranteed to find at least one of your favorite songs on at least one of the games. Just Dance is filled with your favorite hits all the way from the 1980’s to present day 2020! And includes many famous artists like Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Elvis Presly, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, and many others. 

Overall, Just Dance is a pretty lit Game. Give it a try. You might have some fun.