Sectional Tournament

Sheridan Cruz

MJMS Girls Suffer Close Defeat as Boys Continue on Road to State


It was close. This was the one game that would determine whether or not they become champions, or they go home. This intense game was the door that the girls had to get through in order to move on in the tournament. It was tough, and this much pressure was never put onto the boys and girls, until now.

Thursday night, January 30th, the MJMS girls basketball team played against West Creek Middle School in the sectional quarter finals. It was a very tough competition. The team the girls had played against were none like they ever played before. Mostly because they were from another district. The girls worked diligently, to pull out this win. If they were to win, they would move on to state semi-finals. The game was very intense. The crowd was cheering and chanting, and the fellow teammates were cheering as well. The game has never been this intense before. Unfortunately, the girls were defeated, in a very close game of 40-44. This meant that the girls’ season was over. 

The boys played that Saturday at home, going against New Providence Middle School. Fortunately, the boys pulled out a win with 49-40, and are then able to continue in the tournament. Then, the boys team traveled all the way to Rossview Middle School on Monday night to play their team, and the boys pulled out another win with 34-30.

It is unfortunate for the girls. They have worked very hard this season to get as far as they have gotten this year. Their coaches were great at pushing the girls and supporting them no matter what. With their hard work, and the girls’ hard work, they have gotten further than MJMS girls basketball has gone in a long time. We have the district title, and next year, it’s going to be the state title.