Pawesome Review

Alex Akin



You could be a star in Brawl Stars! Brawl Stars is a multiplayer online battle arena game with different modes. Gem Grab is a mode where two teams of three are battling to collect gems that spawn at the middle of the arena. When one of the teams collects 10 gems there will be a 15-second countdown. If the team with 10 gems is able to keep them for the whole 15 seconds, that team wins.


 Another game mode in Brawl Stars is called “Showdown” which is a battle royale-type mode that starts with 10 players that fight it out until there is one player left. There is a poisonous gas that closes in as the match goes on. If you get caught in the gas, you will start to take damage. The last player alive is the winner of that round. You get trophies from winning rounds. 


Trophies are what get you farther in the trophy road. In the trophy road, you can unlock brawlers, which are the characters you battle with. You can also get coins, the currency in Brawl Stars. You can get upgrade points, to upgrade your brawlers with. Lastly, you can get Brawl boxes which are boxes you open to collect some of the things listed above.


In Brawl Stars, you can create or join clubs. A club is a group of you and your friends. You are able to chat with your friends in the club that you are in. The club’s President can promote people in the club. You can be promoted to titles like, Vice-President. I rate this game 5/5 paws!