Teacher Spotlight


Heaven Lopez & Aiden Guffey


Mr. Prater


Today for our pick for teacher spotlight we picked Mr.Prater from the 6th grade All-stars. When we were interviewing him he said a lot of interesting things we never knew about him. We picked him because, although he is a new teacher he made an outstanding effort in teaching the All-stars. Mr.Prater overall has been teaching for 2 years. Mr.Prater said that he decided to become a teacher in his senior year of college because he was working with ELL students (which are basically study abroad students) and he said he enjoyed helping them a lot. We asked him, how would you like to impact a student’s life? He said “No matter what, you have a positive experience in ELA.” We asked, “What do you think makes a good teacher?” He responded by saying that the number 1 thing is consistency and number 2 is creating a safe environment where students can be themselves. Another question we asked was besides being a teacher, what did you want to be as you grew up? He said that he actually wanted to be an inventor (which we thought was interesting.) He also said that he would love to teach science and told us an interesting fact about him which was that he loves astronomy. We asked him why he chose to teach ELA? He responded by saying that he loves it and it is what he is best at. We then asked why he chose to  teach at MJMS and he said that he loved this school very much and that he was chosen to work here and he feels lucky to work here. An interesting question we asked was what he did in his free time and he said that he loves playing video games like League of Legends and Smash Brothers ultimate he also loves to read. We asked what he thought him and his students bonded over he said, “ Fun, hopefully” he also added that he knows we want to have fun and that he tries to incorporate that when he teaches. The last question we had was how he tries to get students excited about learning? He said that he tries to make them comfortable in his classroom and tries to give lots of opportunities to share in class. We were so excited and thankful when Mr.Prater let us interview him for the teacher spotlight. Thank You!