Teacher Spotlight


Natalie Moreno & Anna Kate Gipson

Julie Groover-Drama Teacher


Today, we will be spotlighting MJMS’s phenomenal Mrs. Groover. We chose Mrs. Groover because she is one of the sweetest, most kind-hearted people you’ll ever meet. She can teach even the shyest kid how to open up on the stage and embrace their theatrical talents. Mrs. Groover may have unique strategies for teaching her pupil’s, but no matter what she manages to touch each and everyone’s heart.


  Mrs. Groover teaches theater class and directs the MJMS Drama Program. She originally taught RTI Math to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade. She said that the reason she started theater was that she wanted to try something new. Going along with this topic, we asked her the question of what subject and grade she would choose to teach if she was not in theater. Mrs. Groover answered, “6th-grade math since I previously taught RTI.


  When we asked Mrs.Groover what she wanted to be when she was younger, her answer was, “I wanted to be a kindergarten teacher, because I love to sing and dance.” Afterward, we asked why she enjoys teaching drama to middle schoolers, now. She responded with “ Because I love watching kids grow on stage.” 


  During her time here at MJMS, she has directed and performed 16 full shows. Some include, “Into the Woods Jr”, which she has directed twice, “Aladdin Jr”, “Frozen Jr”, and “The Lion King Jr”. For her Spring 2020 show, she has chosen to perform Beauty and the Beast Jr. Since she is repeating this show we asked her why, she said, “ Ms. Wrye wouldn’t build an elephant for my first choice, the Lion King.” 


She has impacted each and every one of her student’s lives by helping them improve and expand their past abilities. We are grateful that we have such an amazing teacher