Tyler Stott



4.5 out of 5 paws         

Pawesome Review: Dragon Ball Legends 


     Dragon Ball Legends is a fast paced mobile app for IOS and Android based off of the famous anime Dragon Ball Z/Super. Developed by Criware and Bandai Namco Entertainment this game is well known by the Dragon Ball community for being a great mobile game rivaling against another game called Dragon Ball Dokkan Battle. In this review I will talk about many different things about this game and it’s mechanics.



           So in this part of the article I shall be talking about the basics for the game. First, let’s talk about how you acquire characters, you do this by gathering special stones called “chrono crystals.” You use these on things called banners which can have certain characters of different rarities you can use in battle. Up next is the combat system, which I think is neat. The combat is structured on using these cards for attacking and boosting your character for a short time. You can also use a signature ability that can either give you a card with high damage or a quick boost. To use these cards you need something called “ki,” which is how many points you need to use certain cards. This is all for the basics.



          There is a story in this game that can take you at least 20 or so hours to beat. Not only that but the story is actually pretty great and has a lot of heart put into each individual chapter. The first couple of little story missions you learn about the main character called Shallot who has woken up in an alternate time and is immediately attacked by an enemy. In this fight you learn the controls and finish the battle. It is a very long running series and is still being written.



      This game is definitely a good game and since it has such a large fan base it has lots of love put into it and is receiving lots of good responses in return. I can tell this game will improve and get even better as it goes. This has been my review on Dragon Ball Legends which gets the bear score of 4.5 out of 5!