NFL Draft

Parker Kimbrel & William Johns

NFL Draft Prospects and Predictions


Joe burrow: Joseph Lee Burrow is the QB for Louisiana State University (LSU). As most people know, he helped the Tigers go on to win the National Championship versus Clemson, also known as the Tigers. He rose to fame by winning the 2019 Heisman Trophy. Most people think that he will go to the Cincinnati Bengals. I think that if he doesn’t end up at the Bengals, he will most likely end up on the next team which is the Washington Redskins. Although they do not need a QB, he could still be helpful.

Why will he go to the NFL?

One, He is a really talented football player. He can throw the ball far and make sure his receivers get the ball on a consistent basis. Two, he won heisman so that put a good impression on him.


Tuanigamanuolepola “Tua” Tagovailoa: Tua is a QB for the Alabama Crimson Tide. He was injured during the season, with a broken hip and a bloody nose coming off that. Although that affected his chance of going into the NFL. He still has a good chance of being drafted. If he’s not healthy going into the draft he will get drafted later on. He’s not gonna go undrafted. Although that’s possible, it will be hard to predict.

Why will he go to the NFL?

He has a good arm. He might not go in the 1st round but I still think he has a good chance.


Jeff Okudah: Jeff is a corner for the Ohio State Buckeyes. He is one of the top cornerbacks in 2019 and a great leader on Ohio’s defense. He has play 27 games in his career, and already has 53 tackles, nine passes defended, and two forced fumbles.

Why will he go to the NFL?

He is a great defensive player. Many teams need a good corner to keep up with Tyreek Hill and other fast receivers. Whoever gets him will have a better defense.


Isaiah Simmons: Isaiah is a defensive player for the Clemson TIgers, who appeared in the national championship. I think he will go to the New York Giants. If the giants do not pick him, they will regret it. If it does turn out like that, then the Miami Dolphins will most likely pick him up. If the Dolphins do not pick him up, that will also be a huge mistake.

Why will he go to the NFL?

He is currently the best linebacker in the league. So I don’t know why he won’t be drafted. He will most likely be drafted in late first round, early second.


Derrick Brown: Derrick Brown plays for the Auburn TIgers. He is the most FREAKISH Athletic Defensive Tackle in college football, currently that is. In the latest mock draft, he is predicted to go to the Carolina Panthers. If not, he could be the type of force the Colts need up front. He registered 4 tackles, career-best 2 sacks. Recorded 106 tackles, 42 tackles for loss (TFL), 12 sacks as a senior for Coach Korey Mobbs at Lanier High. In 2019 he earned the Lott IMPACT trophy. 

Why will he go to the NFL?

He has 170 career tackles, which is really good for a defensive tackle, and anyone. He can potentially go on to get some more sacks and tackles throughout the NFL.