Teacher Spotlight


Heaven Lopez




Today for my pick for Teacher Spotlight is Ms. Bolus from the 6th grade All Stars. I chose Ms.Bolus because she has made me feel safe in her classroom and helped me learn easier through my 6th grade year. She has been teaching for 12 years. Her birthday is May 25th and she used to live in Los Angeles, California. She crafts, gardens, crochet, and cooks in her free time. I asked her if she had any other jobs before this and she said that she used to be a registered nurse before teaching. When she was growing up she wanted to be a nurse because she had a fascination with medicine and health. Ms. Bolus has a creamed colored Dachshund named Sadie which is also her favorite animal. I asked her why she chose to teach science she said, “I always had a fascination with nature” and that her interest was in science. She also told me that her favorite science topic was life science. She chose to teach here because there was a job opening in science and it was close to her house also that her kids came through the high school. I was so happy that Ms.Bolus let me interview her for the Teacher Spotlight. Thank You!