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Dillon Kohanski & Sean Broz

The Bee Movie review

(2 reviews twice the fun)


Dillons Kohanski’s Review

First of all the beginning part of the bee movie was pretty cool. It starts out with the main character Barry B. Benson a little bee learning about how his hive makes honey. He later meets the pollen jocks (the bees who collect honey and pollinate the flowers) and go’s out of the hive with them and meets a woman/flower shop owner named Venessa. He soon falls in love with her and his friend is worried about Barry. Any way he finds out people are taking their honey and he tries to sue the human race. He wins and gets all of his hives honey back and bees stop making honey. Then flowers die and he regrets it all and saves the flowers,so that’s the movie.

 First of all The Bee Movie is one of those movies that you can watch over and over. But the realism is wonky due to a honey bee suing the human race AND WINNING. Like come on Dream works add some realism.(by the way honey bees live 122-152 days and it’s been awhile from the beginning of the movie to the end So…) But besides the wonky realism it’s a great story of a Bee sticking up for his rights. I would rate it 4.5 paws out of 5. I find the beginning of the movie awesome due to all of the technology and how they say “we save millions because we collect the little drop that’s on the edge of the honey pourer.” Which must mean they have a number system and even have currency. Which is a cool and random thing to add. Another cool thing is that all the female bees have a Beehive haircut and all the male bees have buzz cuts,which is kinda funny once you think about it. I really like the animation style for a movie made 13 years ago. (2008)It’s a good movie with a great story line with romance, action and suspense.  They should win an Oscar. They even have Jerry Seinfeld as Barry B. Benson. Dream works seems to have tried pretty hard on such a great movie.

 So after you read this review i want you to go get on Netflix (if you don’t have Netflix get a 30 free trial) and go search The Bee Movie and watch it.


Sean’s review

In my opinion I think this movie is brilliant. The animation, the voice actors,the script. This movie is truly a piece of art.First things first the animation. This movie was made in 2008 and the animations are amazing. How much detail is in the movie. And the honey everytime you look at it you would crave for honey. That’s how realistic it looks. The animation is exquisite and it looks so real. And the voice actors there are the best actors in the movie. First, the legendary comedian,actor,writer JERRY SEINFELD jerry plays barry b benson. His acting in this movie is top notch. You can’t even notice a human is voice acting a bee. The next legendary actor is Chris Rock in this movie Mooseblood he plays the mosquito in this movie. All in all this movie is an absolute masterpiece. Everything about it is amazing. The movie even got nominated for best animated film at the golden globes. That’s how good it is. All in all I highly recommend this movie. I would rate this movie 5/5 paws