Pawesome Review

Dylan Pahos



Pubg is an okay game but since the updates it’s been bad. Pubg is for people who like first person shooters and battle royale. No it’s not exactly like fortnite it’s more realistic it has a variety of weapons.If you want to know more when you load into a game a plane takes you over the map. Then you jump and parachute to where you want to go you find guns and ammo and armor and last gun attachments. On the ground there’s a blue zone that takes you to smaller and smaller circles if you’re in the blue zone it does damage the last one standing wins.Now back to the updates before these new updates it was a good game but now it’s really laggy. I think it’s an okay game but before i loved it now its bad but that’s just my opinion. In conclusion, that’s my opinion on Pubg or Player Unknown Battlegrounds.I would rate this game ⅗.