Pawesome Review

Avery Thrower

The GoldFinch 


The book The GoldFinch has won a great number of  awards and is a number one national bestseller. It is written by Donna Tartt. It has also been made into an astonishing movie that came out in 2019, but I think the book is better because it goes into more detail. 

In this book a mother and son that live in Amsterdam go to a museum in the early afternoon. The museum contains many paintings and artworks. Theo’s mother has a favorite painting though, and looks at it in awe for the longest time. Her favorite piece is a painting of a goldfinch bird. As she is standing there so amused by the artwork there is an explosion. 

Theo gets up and can barely breathe because of all the smoke and ash he has inhaled. He tries to search for his mother but she is nowhere to be found. Theo soon realizes he needs to get out of there, but on his way out he remembers the painting his mother had loved so dearly. So he went searching for it and surprisingly found it. 

All of the news stories were talking about this terrifying explosion that had occurred and how the painting of the goldfinch was either burned or stolen. Theo never spoke up about the painting he had stolen, he kept it for many years and didn’t return it till he was in his 30’s. He had kept this painting so close to him and to his heart because of his mother. She adored this artwork so much and because Theo loved his mother so dearly he would do anything just to have something that reminded him of her. I would rate this book a 5 out of 5 because of the remarkable story it tells within.