Teacher Spotlight


Aiden Guffy

Mrs. Bivins

I have picked Mrs. Bivins for teacher spotlight because of her contribution to the All Stars team.

To start, I asked Mrs. Bivins how long she has been teaching, she said, “I have been teaching for 20 years.” The next question I asked her was what was her priority for her students, her response, I hope they have more of a positive attitude about math than they had before they came here. She cares and thinks about all of her students in a good way. For the 4th question I asked  was, why do you like teaching, she responded by saying “every day is a brand new day, start fresh. each day is not like the last.”


 She also appreciates seeing past students from her old classes. This one was easy to answer, because the question that was asked was have you ever taught any different subjects while teaching. Yes, she said, she taught language arts for her first year but every other year after that she has taught math instead of language arts. Surprisingly Mrs. Bivins favorite subject is science. 


One question I asked her was  what made her interested in this job, her response was that she wanted to work with students instead of vitamins, because she used to be a nutritionist but she switched to teaching, joyfully. Mrs. Bivins also went to MTSU for her college education. In all of her years she wants students to respond/reach out positively or in a good sense. Thank you Mrs. Bivins for everything you’ve done for the All Stars:)