Which One Will You Choose?

Cynthia Ransom, Hanna Iacob, Ashton Judkins

Netflix Vs. Disney+


There is a lot of controversy between Netflix and Disney Plus. Many people are happy that Disney came out with the Disney Plus app but many people aren’t. Both of these apps charge monthly payments and most people don’t want to pay for both. So for the people who would rather pay for Netflix, they will not get to watch many of the shows or movies Disney Plus has to offer. With both apps having different shows and movies available this has caused many people to be upset with the app being released. 

Disney Plus offers many Disney shows and movies from Pixar, Marval, National Geographic, Star Wars, and Marvel. Some of the shows and movies Disney has to offer are princess movies and many kids shows. They also have added many of the old Disney shows that aren’t airing on National TV anymore such as Phineas and Ferb, Gravity Falls, Austin and Allie, and Jessie. Many people are happy this app has come out so it gives them the opportunity to watch many shows and movies that have been taken down. Disney Plus has even started to come out with their own shows that have come out on the app such as High School Musical: The Musical: The series. 

Netflix offers many movies and TV shows. Many of the movies appear on Netflix after being out in the movie theater for a while. Netflix will also put movies on out that seem popular to the public. Netflix even comes out with Netflix Originals such as Fuller House, On My Block, and Stranger Things. This causes Netflix to get a lot of publicity because you can only watch Netflix Originals on Netflix. Netflix also offers more of a wider variety of genres of different kinds of shows. They have romance, comedy, and horror because they don’t have any restrictions on what they can put on their app.

Disney Plus has taken many Disney branded shows off Netflix for their app. Some of these shows are Tinker Bell, Tarzan 2, Solo: a Star Wars Story, and Marvel Superhero Adventure: Frost Fight. Even though Disney has taken back these shows Netflix still has some due to a contract. Netflix charges $12.99 per month as Disney plus costs $6.99 per month. Even though Disney Plus might be cheaper, it still has less movies and shows than Netflix. Netflix is more for an older audience because of the types of shows and movies displayed. Disney plus is more targeted toward a younger audience due to the more childish shows and movies on the app. 

In conclusion, both apps have their pros and cons. The deciding factor on which app you should get depends on the audience and the types of shows and movies you like to watch. Both apps have movies and shows that the other app doesn’t. So if you like more Disney, Pixar, National Geographic, Star Wars and Marvel movies we recommend getting Disney Plus. If you rather watch horror, adult romance and/or any of the other shows and Netflix Originals that Netflix has to offer we recommend getting Netflix.