Teacher Spotlight


Paulina Doughtie


Interview: Mrs.Taylor

Let’s head straight to the basics. Mrs.Taylor has always wanted to be a teacher because she wants to help people and she loves history. Her favorite thing about teaching is when the students understand something that was hard for them and it just makes her feel good. On the other hand, her least favorite thing about teaching is that there is no recess and there’s a short lunch period. (i agree with her) Mrs.Taylor is married and has no kids but… she has a dog that she loves. One thing that Mrs.Taylor is good at, other than teaching, is knitting and crocheting. One thing that she likes doing is traveling. She has been to a bunch of different places like Bahamas, Jamaica, Dominican Republic, Mexico, ect…! Some of her favorite things about going there are the history of the places and the amazing food. Mrs.Taylor said the only interesting thing about her is that at her old college, they had real lions on campus! (for their mascot) Back in those days her favorite subject was social studies and psychology obviously since she’s a social studies teacher. Mrs.Taylor chose 6th grade because 6th graders are just fun to teach as a group and 6th graders enjoy learning, which makes it fun.