Homecoming Win

Homecoming Win

Ian Moore

MJMS Bears Get Big Homecoming Win Over Lipscomb Academy


Last Thursday, September 10, Mount Juliet Middle School had a big homecoming game against Lipscomb Academy. The game was delayed by thirty minutes, which gave more time for the excitement to build in the stadium. It was crowded and it was loud before the game. The fans were hyped up. 


The first quarter of the game was intense. Lipscomb Academy got off to a great start. Their players were running the ball well and gaining a lot of yards. Mount Juliet defense was not stopping them at first, but all the fans and coaches were still excited. Lipscomb Academy scored one touchdown in that first quarter as well as the two-point conversion. On offense, Mount Juliet was running the ball a lot without much success in the first quarter. The score was 8-0 with Lipscomb Academy winning at the end of the first quarter. Since it was a close game, the players and fans got even louder. 


In the second quarter, the Mount Juliet defense really stepped up and got a clutch stop. The offense took advantage and scored a touchdown once they got the ball back, but then they did not get the two-point conversion to tie up the game. The game still was super intense and the defenses both did well in the second quarter. 


At halftime the score was 8-6, with Lipscomb Academy still winning. At this time, all of the girls who won a spot on the homecoming court went on the field with a family member. Everyone got happy when the girls walked out because it was exciting to see who the students had picked. The homecoming queen was Addison McQueen, who was escorted by her grandfather. 


After halftime all of the fans still had hope and reason to believe that Mount Juliet Middle School would win the game. In the third quarter, the Mount Juliet defense stepped up again and gave the ball back to the Bears offense, who scored a touchdown. But then Lipscomb Academy came right back and scored a touchdown, also. I think that the third quarter was the best one for the Mount Juliet Middle School team on both sides of the ball. You could tell the players really wanted to win on homecoming night. 


In the fourth quarter, the crowd was the loudest yet. They were cheering on the Mount Juliet Bears to pick up a win. The team was not going to back down and made sure to finish strong. Tre Majors had a long run and he scored a touchdown to give the Mount Juliet Bears the lead 18-14. The Bears missed the two-point conversion again, which gave Lipscomb Academy one more opportunity to score and win the game with only 1:13 left on the game clock. Lipscomb had a big run to get them to around the ten-yard line. They where close to scoring and Mount Juliet´s defense needed to stand up and get one more stop. It got really intense and the crowd was just getting louder and louder. Lipscomb Academy felt the pressure and threw a interception. This was huge! Our crowd felt relief that the Bears got the ball back. With Lipscomb Academy out of timeouts, the Bears were able to run the ball and run out the clock to a victory.


The game was fun and close from beginning to end. The Bears got a huge win over a school with a great program, which was nice to get done on homecoming. They should build on this victory for more wins this season!