Get Hooked With Crochet


Alaina Norman

Get Hooked with Crochet


I used to think that crochet was just something that old ladies did to make blankets until I got a ball of yarn and decided I should learn to crochet. I went on YouTube and looked up crochet tutorials and what I saw was definitely not old ladies making blankets. I saw tutorials on how to make little stuffed animals called amigurumi and I saw people making clothes out of yarn. I was very interested. Crocheting is not just pulling a hook into a loop, it’s making anything you can think of with different techniques. The first thing that I had made was a little stuffed whale and from there I started making bunnies, elephants, pigs, and giraffes. I even made a pig and an elephant that I was able to sell. Crocheting is pretty easy to learn if you have patience. But crocheting can be hard so you would  have to make a few things and get used to the way you hold the yarn and the hook if you want to make things to sell.


 I asked my brother some questions about crochet, here are his responses. He thinks that crocheting is just old ladies making little stuffed animals. I asked if he would ever start crocheting he said maybe but he wants to be good at it so he could make cool things too but he thinks it would be hard to learn especially if you’re new at working with yarn. In conclusion crocheting can be hard but it’s fun once you learn to make new things.