Sport Report

Michael Ellison



    Sports help you with a lot of different things. Good things come from sports, like it teaches you one of the most important things in life teamwork. Another thing sports help you with that is important is health and strength, this is important because getting strong and being healthy is a lifesaver. Some people get hurt because they are not strong and are not healthy. One other thing that sports help you with is confidence. You gain this when you win or when the couch tells you, “You did good kid.”. I know some of you are saying, “What happens when you lose ?”. Well when your unlike me you usually learn and don’t be a poor sport. To sum this part up those are some of the things sports can help you with.


    Sports are good for you, however there can be some negative parts of sports. Sports are usually safe, but sometimes people can get hurt. In football people can hurt their chest or head same as in boxing. Another thing sports can do is discourage you, like when you don’t make the team or when you lose the game. You should learn, but let’s face it sometimes you just don’t. One other sad thing is, When you are older and you are playing sports and you fail that could ruin a big part of the rest of your life. Oh what’s that mom, oh I have to go. That was the Sport Report.