Family Feud

Sooah Choe

Personal Family Feud Review

I think Family Feud is one of my favorite game shows! This game show aired all the way back to July 17, 1976, originally created by Mark Goodson and first ever hosted by Richard Dawson. It is very entertaining and always makes me laugh because of the humor and comedy added by the current host, Steve Harvey. Family Feud is a very captivating game show and got me hooked on it the minute I first started watching it! It is where 2 teams compete against each other based on rounds of questions, then the winning team plays “Fast Money” which is a round for the winners to have a chance of winning money. You can even watch your favorite celebrities compete on Family Feud! Also, there are other cool ways to play this game with a similar environment like the actual game show, options like a board game version, an app game version, and a card game version. I definitely recommend for you to try giving Family Feud a watch, as it just might be your favorite game show too!


 So in conclusion, I Family Feud the rating of a solid 5 out of 5 from poor to excellent.