Tennis Team

Sadie Lowman

 The Tennis Team:At MJMS

 The Mount Juliet Middle school tennis team is an afterschool program led by coach Hallstedt. The team meets after school on Mondays and Fridays at Charlie Daniels park. The team consists of sixth, seventh, and eighth graders boys and girls. The team practices in the fall but the season starts in the spring were they compete against other middle schools.

 Couch Hallstedt encourages kids to come out and try even if they don’t have any experience playing tennis. I interviewed Emma J one of the members of the tennis team. The following are the questions I asked her and her answers.


How do you like the MJMS tennis team?

“It is so much fun and the coach is so nice and it is so much fun to play.”


What do you like most about the tennis team?

“I like playing with my friends and the other team members.”


What do you think of coach Hallstedt?

“He is very nice and funny, he is also very good at explaining the activities.”


Would you recommend the MJMS tennis team to your friends?

“Yes, it’s very fun and you can make new friends.”


In conclusion the MJMS tennis team is a great opportunity to make new friends, active, and spend some time outdoors!