Ian Moore

The NFL Season Starting Back Up: In Such a Weird World



The NFL season is starting up again even though there is still the coronavirus going around in the world. Most fans are excited that they get to watch football even through these rough times.


One team you should pay attention to is the Pittsburgh Steelers because their defense will be good just like it was last season. They have Ben Roethlisberger back as their quarterback, as well as Juju Smith-Schuster plus James Conner leading the offense. This Steelers team will be fun to watch. They could upset the Baltimore Ravens and win the AFC North.


The Titans will probably win their division this year because with Derrick Henry, Ryan Tannehill, and Jonnu Smith and head to the playoffs. I think they can be potential Super Bowl contenders with how they have been playing. This would be an exciting moment for fans in the Nashville area.


Other teams you should look out for are he Seattle Seahawks and Cincinnati Bengals. The Seattle defense has always been strong so if it steps up again this season, I think that the Seattle Seahawks will have a good chance at making the playoffs. The Cincinnati Bengals now have Heisman Trophy winner Joe Burrow who was the number one draft pick in the 2020 Draft. If the Bengals work on their defense they might get a few more wins than they did last year. This season will be amazing with so many great teams this year. It will be a battle to see who finishes on top.


If you like football this will be a fun year because of all the new rookies that got drafted, like Joe Burrow, CeeDee Lamb, Jerry Juedy, Clyde Edwards Helaire, Henry Ruggs, Chase Young, Justin Herbert, Isaiah Simmons, and Jeff Okudah. One of the main ones you should be watching is Clyde Edwards Helaire. Even though he was the last pick in the first round, he is on the Chiefs. He will improve Patrick Mahomes and all the other great players on the Chiefs offense with his running game. There were a lot of wide receivers drafted this year in the first round, so if you like your favorite team throwing the ball, there is a good chance that team will be throwing more this year. In my opinion, the best wide receiver drafted in the first round was CeeDee Lamb. Coming out of Oklahoma he had great hands, in college he averaged 102.1 yards per game, that is a lot of yards. Another first round pick to watch out for is Chase Young the 2nd overall pick in the 2020 Draft. He was fun to watch when he was in college at Ohio State, he broke a lot of records. If you were a quarterback he would make you scared. In the 2019 season he got 16.5 sacks, that is a lot of sacks. He broke the single season sack record at Ohio State, he also won defensive player of the year because of his outstanding ability to get to the quarterback. 


You have to hope that the season doesn´t get canceled because of coronavirus. This season will be interesting so we should hope that the virus does not affect the players or the coaching staff. With some players and coaches already getting sick so you need to hope that they don´t spread to the point where the league has to shut down. In the end you should watch this year because it will be entertaining to watch with the virus and how the season plays out.