Teachers have nominated students for various reasons in each grade level to be our Bear Spotlights.  Every student we have at MJMS is amazing in their own way, but these students went the extra mile to stand out to their teachers.  Way to go!

Let’s recognize our 7th Grade October Students of the month!
Congratulations, to Nicole Bole (pictured above) for her willingness to serve as a peer mentor for students in need. She goes above and beyond to help other students! Mrs. Trawick reports that Nicole is a sweetheart ❤ with the sweetest smile 😄
Let’s give a Congratulation🎉 to Evan Fisher (not pictured)  for demonstrating tremendous growth in participating in class discussion and asking questions when he doesn’t understand the material. According to Mrs. Gray, she has seen tremendous growth in Evan from the end of 6th grade to the 7th grader he is now.
We have our 8th Grade October Students of the month!
Congratulations to Elyssa Henderberg (pictured) who was nominated for her academic excellence by Mr. Hallstedt. He mentioned that Elyssa is a model student in her class.
We also have Emily Swindol (pictured with her dog) who is currently out on quarantine but was nominated by Mrs. Richards for her academic excellence and hard work!

Pictured below are our MJMS 6th Grade Students of the Month for October.


Pictured left is Emma Harris-Gibson who was nominated for her willingness to ask questions in class, demonstrating responsibility in writing her assignments down in her planner, and being prepared for class!

Pictured right is Catherine Wilt who receives the spotlight for persistently turning in all of her assignments on time and following through with her work! Her superstar grades reflect her maturity and great efforts!

Keep staying in the MJMS Student Spotlight! Congratulations

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