Lucas Waller

 Substitutes Rejoin The Classroom 



                       What would you say is the hardest job to do in school if you’re like me you would say substitute. These hard workers have to walk into classes they have never been in before to teach a lesson to kids they haven’t met. Not only that but they also have to be able to find where the teacher would normally keep things that the students would need for example: colored pencils, actual pencils, headphones, tissues, and other supplies that students might need. For more wording, they might not get any respect from the kids since most children don’t think the substitute holds as much power as the regular teacher so the kids will just yell and disrespect him/her even though the substitute deserves the same amount of respect that they would give the teacher. They also might not get really clear instructions for the lesson. Although they have hardships, substitutes also have benefits. For instance, every class for them can be a new adventure. They can also work when they want to work since the job is flexible and it can also be fun meeting new students. 


Most of these answers were from an interview  from Mrs. Hamby a substitute for Mr. West’s class in room 227