Paige Ruppert, Reporter


First middle school dance for these young 6th graders was a success. They are adapting to middle school with no drama!


6th Grade Life At MJMS

The new sixth graders at Mount Juliet Middle School have waited their whole lives for Middle School, and now that it’s here, what do they think about it? 

  As the new sixth graders at Mount Juliet got off the bus or out of their car, they most likely felt excited or nervous, it is their first day of Middle school! The new sixth graders that I spoke to, Katelyn Massey and Lilly Bradford, had some interesting things to say about the school.

 I asked them both, “what do you like about the school?” The response I got from Lilly Bradford said, “Lunch, I guess..” and Katelyn Massey, said, “They don’t really treat us like babies anymore.”

I also wanted to know, If they had the ability to, what would they change about the school? Bradford, stated, “Redo the lockers.”  Massey stated, “Not having your phones out, because, I think, if something happened, and you need to pull your phone out for it, I think you should be able to do that.”

I asked them both what they expected coming into middle school and Bradford’s response was, “I expected it to be a lot bigger.” and Massey said, “I expected drama.” she later said that she didn’t experience any drama.

I thought it would also be a good idea to get a different perspective on the sixth graders, so I interviewed Mr. Cody Goins and Mrs. Robin Bivins – sixth grade teachers.

I asked both Mr. Goins and Mrs. Bivins if they had noticed any sixth graders getting bullied by any upperclassmen and they both said that there wasn’t much interaction and no bullying that they are aware of. 

I also asked them both how this year’s sixth grade class was different from last years. Mr. Goins said, “Individually, some of them have been, but as an age group, when you come into sixth grade your still becoming accustomed to the difference from being walked to the bathroom by your teacher to more freedom.” Mrs. Bivins said that they were less anxious because of bear camp and being able to come and go through their schedules at orientation. 

I wanted to know if they were doing anything individually to help the sixth graders adjust more. Mr. Goins said yes, and that he encouraged them more. Mrs. Bivins said, “I’m still having my sixth graders come in the mornings, but i’m making them sign in, so I know that they’re here and that I can check in with them.”

Finally I asked Mr. Goins and Mrs. Bivins what common problems the sixth graders have faced coming into Middle School. Mr. Goins said that bodily changes and self image was a big problem. Also drama is a big problem. He also said, “The lockers are a big deal in sixth grade.” Mrs. Bivins said, “Transitions are difficult. Like organizational things, I think, is the hardest thing for sixth grade.”

  Overall the sixth grade have faced many new challenges with many more to come, whether it be lockers or drama, but they have enough support from teachers and each other, to pull through.