Wilson County Fair

Hailey Torres, Reporter

Wilson County Fair rolls in, What Happens? 

 Your ears are pounding, the bright, multi-colored lights carelessly swarm around you. Your skull feels as if it’s on the edge of shattering but the sound of the entrancing screams of excitement from above, it all pulls you together. The mix of anxiety and wonder sits at the bottom of your stomach, waiting to be released. 

This is the common experience for those who attend the yearly Wilson County Fair.

  The Wilson County Fair is the Wilson County district’s fair, reappearing every year in August on the 3rd and/or 4th week of the month. 

The fair lasts from August 14-22, a whole week, and is filled with a plethora of games, concession stands, and rides. Local events, including farm animal shows and others of that sort, are also held on the outskirts of the fair itself. 

The general consensus from those who you ask about this event is, “It was fun.” 

But, what is the Wilson County Fair really like when you dig deeper? 

I myself was able to experience the Wilson County Fair hands on this year. 

Saturday, August 15th around 6:00 pm, my family and I left for the long drive to the fair, 

by the time we left the fair it was around 11 pm. 

My final conclusion? This fair is a sport for the patient. 

The lines for the rides seemed to stretch on to the ends of the Earth, and the crowded walkways filled until my parents had to drag me to the side so we didn’t clog up the area. 

Though, once you get started on experiencing this event, everything new comes to light. The side games lined up in the middle of the fair are entertaining, a nice pastime while watching and waiting for the line on a certain ride to clear up. The quirky but southern food stands captivate you with the idea of sugar, a cold drink, and a snack that sits happily in your stomach when you’re done with it. 

However, despite the excitement the fair brings, there is just as many complaints as well. 

Aubrey Huggins said, “I think they need (to have) more rides, the lines (for the rides) are very long.” 

On the other hand, Jorja Marsh’s personal experience was very different from Aubrey’s. 

The night that Jorja attended the Wilson County Fair, there was alleged shooting, which, thankfully, was debunked that night.   

However, Jorja believes this matter reveals deeper problems within the fair’s staff. 

“They (the staff) should work on better informing (us on) what’s going on.” She said,  “It was scary.” 

Whether you choose to hyperfocus on the pros or the cons of the Wilson County Fair, this event is certainly an experience for most who attend. Filled with rides and games, the Wilson County Fair is held deep into the heart and soul of Wilson County.

This fair is unmistakably a part of many’s childhood, a gem hidden deep down with scratches and chipped sides. This, however, leaves one question many have to ask when August stomps in: Are you going to the Wilson County Fair?