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Pawesome Review: My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia is a relatively new anime that has taken the anime-loving community by storm. The anime has three seasons, with a fourth coming in October. The show – created by Kohei Horikoshi – follows Izuku Midoriya, a high school student in a world full of super humans with powers called quirks. Izuku aspires to become a hero, just like his idol, All Might, the number one hero in the world. Unfortunately for him, however, Izuku is part of the 20% of the population that doesn’t possess a quirk. So, he must overcome his struggles to become the world’s number one hero!

One of the greatest aspects of this show is the unique personality and depth of each individual character. My Hero Academia is able to keep you interested while the story tells you about the lives of each student. The pacing is so well executed that the show sucks you in and absorbs you into this superhuman world. Also, the villains of the series, like Stain and Shigaraki, are very menacing and convincing throughout the show. Izuku Midoriya himself provides a great protagonist, with his determination and charm. The music and sound effects are incredible, as well.

However, certain episodes of the anime feel unnecessary, like they were just created to fill a few gaps before a large arc takes place. Besides that, My Hero Academia is nearly flawless. The character development, story arcs, and plots are impeccable, and it’s theme of rising up against all odds is truly justified. The show certainly deserves the praise and attention it has received over the past few years.